Amazing Facts About Narad Muni, The Journalist Among Sages

July 31, 2018

He is known as the Messenger of Gods. He is son of god Brahma .
In scriptures his visits are always with a purpose; he always enters the scene with his Veena (instrument) chanting Narayan-Narayan.
Although famous for appearing at the right moment at the right place, he was equally infamous for never keeping a secret safe. His habit of gossiping was the root of many controversies and duels.

Narad Muni was no ordinary soul; he was the master of Puranas and Vedas. He was sage. A great one.

1. Narad in his previous birth was the son of a common maid servant and grew up serving devotees.
While serving the enlightened masters, he realized his true calling.

2. His birthday is celebrated as ‘Patrakar Diwas’, as he is considered as the first messenger of this Universe.
This year it falls in 22nd May.

3-He has the boon to travel to any of the three worlds, at will.

4. He has many devotees in the world of communications; they revere him as their Guru.He is worshipped with great reverence and devotion.

5. He was instrumental in creating the Ramayana,
He tempted Rishi Valmiki to write the Ramayana. Only when Narad narrated the story of Lord Rama, the perfect man and the other events of Ramayana, did Valmiki agree to pen down the great epic as a poem.

6. Narad was a loyal companion of Lord Vishnu, and often accompanied him on his travels in his aircraft called Lord Garuda.
The same has been mentioned in Rig-Veda

10. He has often been accused of making various dev and asura fight . And while people may accuse him of causing disputes, the fact remains that his intentions were never vengeful or malicious.His ultimate goal was the betterment of every soul, living or dead, with no vested interest of his own.

11. Narad had a very complex personality, not all could understand him.
He comes across as a happy and playful character, but in reality, he was a very wise and composed yogi.
He had actually been assigned the task of executing many miracles on behalf of Lord Vishnu.

12. He has played the part of a divine messenger to perfection.
Narad Muni has always been mentioned to be tirelessly wandering across the three worlds; passing on chunks of information to everyone he met on the way.
He stays abreast with everything going on with the humans, Devas and Rakshasas. He is rightly mentioned in the Shabdakalpadruma as the one who gives knowledge of God to others.

14. He was the master of 64 Vidyas.
A legendary figure, this sage was an institution in itself! His greatest skill was to convey certain ideas .

15. He is one of the 12 Chiranjeevis (immortals).Narad is believed to be still alive and living amongst us mortals.

16. Narad is said to be the only one among all living beings who knew what God was thinking.
Narad is regarded as the ‘mind’ of God. He could always anticipate what God was planning.

17. The ‘Bhakti Sutras’ of Narad is a masterpiece.
The sutras are books on devotion that have no comparison to any other book on devotion or bhakti. The books clearly outline the authority and philosophy of Bhakti, in words that even a layman can understand.

18. He played an important role in the Mahabharata too.
Narad is said to have accompanied the Pandavas in their exile. He was the one who showed Yudhisthir the right path of Dharma.

19. He is credited with having taught humans the importance of living a righteous life.
He was passionate about spreading the importance of devotion and faith.

20. There is a temple in Karnataka dedicated to him.
In the hamlet of Chitageri, you will find a beautiful island in the Krishna River. This island is called Korva and is popularly known as Naradgadde.

Narayan Narayan

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