July 30, 2018

For eons of lifetimes I have played the “rescuor” in all relationships/friendships.
Bailing my loved ones out of their crisis was my full time occupation! I used to be ever ready to be forthright & offer solutions & at times help them implement it. Counsel my loved ones for endless times, give them business ideas, take them out to lighten their mood, talk to them through the night. When in love, I went over board too & instead of being a lover I was always the “mother” busy nurturing the man!
Its only now I recognise what I was doing:-
– Unintentionally I was creating my need & importance to ensure I an never abandoned
– I was “buying & securing” love
– Unknowingly I have robbed my loved ones off their resilence & power to get up & deal with their issues independently
– My own insecurity & fear of loss kept me in a vicious loop of “rescuing my loved ones”
– Over performing masculine energy that I was, it boosted my male ego everytime I was “reacuing”

Now as I am switching roles & I M reminding myself. If I chose a woman’s body I rather embrace my feminine power & learn to just “be”
Its easy for me to do mountaineering but its tough for me to sit at one place & just bask in the glory of “where I am in the NOW”

Now that I have fired myself of the job of pleasing people, going out of my way – role is no longer serving me!
For more a decade I manifested friends who could NEVER even meet me in my area. It was ALWAYS ME GOING TO THEIR PLACE TO SEE THEM!
Now I tell myself I am no longer a pizza delivery boy & I refuse to deliver the pizza of my Unconditional love to any doorstep!
When I process my shadow self I daily wake up to a new ache/pain in my body, & realise how much I have stored soo much of upheaval & pain in various parts of my body!
Today when my friends make plans, I dont have the heart to meet anyone. Nothing against anyone but I dread anyone asking me “how are you???
What I wann to say wouldnt be music to their ears, so I am taking time off, MOTHERING MY INNERCHILD!
People whom I have unfriended on media are either utterly silly or have the audacity to question me why did I do that??
None of them are worth me wasting my precious time to offer any explanation. Whoever has hurt/misunderstood or being insensitive towards me, are out of my radar. I wished each of them enormous happiness, but they can no longer be a part of my world as I am now having “filters on”
Only those who truly contributive stays!

I am now only working for myself & now only committed to myself! I am fully invested in myself to progress to the next level of evolution!

Joke is I was rescuing the world, little did I know I was brutally bruised myself & how conveniently I overlooked my needs & placed others always, above me!

Its never too late to MEND
I am now here to BEFRIEND
I am setting a new TREND
Unconditional love to self, Is all I SEND
I am excited to LEND a helping hand to self

I can say with personal experience of lifetimes, its a daunting task to RESCUE people, & its ORGASMIC learning the art of renouncing this thankless job & instead just “BEING”

SLOWING DOWN is actually gaining momentum into your GROWTH!

I am slowing down like never before & loving it!
Slowing down is my new mantra & the only thing thats my medicine for now!!!

Whats yours???



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